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Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor

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Formed from

Corporate arm of the Illuminati

The ACME Corporation is a Mega-Corporation that run by Lex Luthor


it started by merger between Illuminati-owned Multinational Corporations as well host of Fictional corporations. ever since Lex Luthor bought ACME Corporation from Illuminati, the ACME Corporation bans the production of all sort of transhumanist technologies and Lex Luthor uses ACME Corporation to engages omniverse-spanning omnicidal crusades against all sorts of Superpowered beings

Army ListEdit

Here's the Army list of the ACME Corporation:

  1. ACME Army: their armor are painted desert Camouflage and their standard loadout are left wrist-mounted M2 Browning 50cal Machine gun, right wrist-mounted Milkor MGL, and shoulder-mounted 25mm Chaingun
  2. ACME Navy: their armor are painted dark blue and they armed with shoulder-mounted missile pods and Machine gun based on P90 on their wrists
  3. ACME Air Force: their armor are painted with stealth material, and they usually armed with Vulcan Cannon and Missiles
  4. ACME Marine: Their Armor is painted green with Tiger stripes, they armed with Retractable Chainsaws, Pile-Bunkers, Shields, and shoulder-mounted harpoons

the most battle-hardened ACME Forces are gain access to weaponry that renders Superpowered beings Mere Mortal, those with these weapons are differentiated from the rest with their helmet/torso painted black

Notable people from ACME CorporationEdit

  • Lex Luthor(CEO)
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Syndrome from the Incredibles(he's confined to sophisticated life-support machinery powered by zero-point energy and wired to ACME Mainframe)
  • Emile Danko(he got customized Nanosuit 3.0)
  • Princess Morbucks
  • Anton Chigurh(Mercenary)
  • ACME Board of Directors
  • Extreme Ghostbusters(Defected)


Trahshumanist Technologies and any technologies that considered magitek or clarktech are banned by ACME Corporation, particularly when the latter are can be extension of it's user


We Poison our Land, Water, Air, and Space with Kryptonite Factors, we sets Biospheres on Plasma Fire, and we eats even Gods. Don’t Mess with the Human Race!

-ACME Corporation