Adam Jensen

Universe of Origin

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Universe




Human (Mechanically modified)


older than 34, but no older than 38

Powers and Abilities

Mechanical Augmentation enhances his physical stats and Intellect to Superhuman levels as well array of gadgets built into his augs(including technology very similar to one that found in PCs in Pokemon game: one that stores physical objects as digital data), SWAT Training, Virtually omniscient when it comes to Math, Science, and Martial Arts(due to those knowledge downloaded straight into his brain), expert technician and Gadgeteer, and Technopathy(plays like Kevin Warwick one)


Combat Rifle, 10mm handgun, Modern Repeating Crossbow, Taser, Bolter, Auto Shotgun, etc.


Formerly Sarif Industries, currently The Spin-off protagonists

Adam Jensen is one of the main protagonists of The Spin-off

Biography so FarEdit

Following the Events in Deus Ex: Mankind DIvided, Adam Jensen decides to exiles himself to outside his home Universe with Large Hadron Collider(faking his death in process) where he moves into Traverse Town where he got tons of extra augmentations(which anyone from his native universe fails to provides), some time later, he notices massive Influx of Traverse Town population due to vast numbers of Universes got destroyed by Nanotech-implanted Heartless that Anunnaki spreads to built their Kingdom Hearts, he first shows up when he rescues Hajime Kindaichi and his Gang from Silas of Da Vinci Code with his Taser, from then he friends with Hajime Kindaichi's gang

Personality and TraitsEdit

the most defining personality is he's loner, as he's isolates himself from everyone else after he moves into Traverse Town, then he decides to makes new friends starting with Kindaichi's gang(later Spin-off protagonists), but he's still loner notably when he's and his teammates are rescuing Left 4 Dead survivors from Illuminati forces(not the same ones from Adam Jensen's home universe), he goes solo

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Here's his augs(some of them aren't from Sarif Industries while others are powered-up versions of his current augmentations):

  • Cranial Augmentations: Hacking equipments(including ones that allows him to interface with anything that uses Digital Technology), C.A.S.I.E.(for making friends), miniaturized equivalent of Desktop PC that enhances his intelligence to Superhuman levels, Stealth Enhancers, and bis brain are also augmented with not-so mechanical augmentations
  • Eyes/sensory augmentations: Smart vision, Infrared vision, Ultraviolet vision, Kirlian photography(this gives Adam Jensen Aura vision)
  • Arm Augmentations: Powered-up Cyber-arm(now this allows Adam Jensen have ton-range strength, punch through heavier walls, and withstands recoil from even Heavier guns) which holds following: Combat Nanoceramic Chainsawblade(uses diamond/ceramic-coated titanium teeth, later the CHainsawblade are replaced by Vibroblade which basically Combat Nanoceramic blade that vibrates to cut through any material), Grappling Hook gun(the wire are made from Carbon Nanotube and it's hook are basically uses adhesive-free material in very similar way to lizard's feet), and his fingers are uses following: his Index Finger are has Portal Gun from Portal Game series(this also gives Adam Jensen Telekinesis), his middle finger got Repair Gun(works by rearranging Molecular structure of it's targets), his ring finger are high-tech Swiss army knife: including Nano-transjectors(to hacking things that fundamentally uses different technology from Electronics), lockpick, and so on. and his Pinky finger can detaches to become drone
  • Torso Augmentations: Upgraded Sentinel RX Health system(now also uses Nanites to further assists regenerating health), implanted rebreather, Sarif Series 8 Energy converter(now also uses self-sustaining fusion reactor), Typhoon Explosive system, Retractable Exosuit(when activated, this turns Adam Jensen into Walking tank where a suit of Armor covers his entire body(since Adam can extends and retracts it like another limb, he can also activates just part of it instead of fully activated it, but this won't deploys forcefield unless covers his entire body) and it isn't just protects Adam Jensen from anti-tank weapons, this also further enhances his Strength and Speed to allows him to wields Tank Guns and so on. oh yeah, his retractable sunglasses are serves as visor for his Exosuit), and Augmented digestive tract(this allows Adam Jensen to eats inedible objects which can come handy whatever he got reduced into Ratburgers(at best) or Cannibalism(at worst))
  • Back Augmentations: Icarus Landing System, Quicksilver Reflex Booster(powered-up to the points this allows Adam Jensen have Supersonic-hypersonic reaction time), and Quantum Fabber(works by storing physical objects as Digital Data, this allows Adam Jensen carry so many guns)
  • Skin Augmentations: Glass Shield cloaking system and Dermal Armor covering his entire body(even with power off, this can takes military-grade firepower)
  • Leg Augmentations: Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis(now has Combat Nanoceramic chainsawblade/vibroblade in addition of running, jumping silently)

additionally, the electronics that His Augmentations uses are utilizes Monoatomic Gold in their circuits

in addition of his augmentation, he's also has SWAT Training and he's also Mechanical Genius


  • Combat Rifle: Smoothbore variant of FAMAS made for firing APFSDS rounds
  • 10mm Handgun
  • Taser
  • Bolter: looks like oversized submachine gun variant of XM8
  • Bolter/gyrojet Revolver
  • AA-12 Auto Shotgun
  • Laser Pistol: capable of sustained fire
  • XM25 Smart Grenade Launcher
  • FGM-148 Javelin: Twin-linked variant
  • Laser Rifle
  • M134 Minigun
  • Gatling Laser
  • PEPS
  • Tranquilizer dart rifle
  • Modern-style Repeating Crossbow
  • Kryptonite Blaster


  • his favorite TV shows are NBC's Heroes and MLP:Friendship is Magic for live-action and animated category respectively