Emile Danko


Universe of Origin

Heroes universe





Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Invisibility, Retractable Grav-chute, and retractable bladed weapon that ignores conventional durability that built into his right wrist(all of his powers are comes from his Nanosuit 3.0) as well Combat Training


ACME Corporation

Emile Danko is an Homeland Security Agent that hails from Heroes Universe

Biography so farEdit

at some point when Alex Mercer explodes into a biomass that consumes everyone in Heroes universe, Emile Danko banished into outside his home universe(leaving behind the rest of his team and his target which banishes him), leaving him the only people from Heroes Universe that survives this event(aside from Hiro Nakamura), shortly after he's recruited into ACME Corporation by Lex Luthor, he's receives his customized Nanosuit 3.0(based on pre-retcon conception of Nanosuits) to levels Playing field between Regular Humans and Metahumans

Personality and TraitsEdit

He's obsessed with the extermination of all sorts of Superpowered beings where the loss of everyone in Heroes universe to Alex Mercer only fuels his desire to exterminates all sorts of Superpowered beings so he recruited to ACME Corporation and since he finds out that Superpowered beings from outside his Universe are more powerful than those from his home Universe, he got his Nanosuit 3.0 to exterminates them for Himself and ACME Corporation

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

as Normal Human being, all of his Powers are comes from his Nanosuit 3.0 and here's the capabilities of his Nanosuit 3.0:

  • Superhuman Strength: he can fires Heavy guns with only one hand and withstands their extreme recoils comfortably thanks of his suit(where the left hand are uses recoil dampener technology) and the Nanosuit enhances Strength to unknown levels
  • Superhuman Speed:he can moves faster than the eye thanks of his suit due to Nanosuit injects Nanobots(that can sucked out when speed mode switched off)
  • Superhuman Durability:his suit can withstands even nuke-like attacks(due to the suit uses Adamantium plating over Nano-muscle layers, allowing it to takes explosives even when Nanosuit powers are off)
  • Invisibility:he can turns invisible due to cloaking device built into his suit
  • Grav-chute: his back has Retractable Grav-chute to lands safely whatever he falls from any height
  • Power Weapon from 40k Universe: built into his right hand, the retractable Power weapon allows him to slices anything into half, no matter how (conventionally) durable the objects he confronts
  • Immunity to Magic: due to use of Phase-iron in his suit

asides from his Nanosuit 3.0, Danko has powerful Combat Training where his Gunplay are enhanced to Superhuman levels thanks to his suit

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