Global Defense Union


World Government


Lawful Good

Notable Members

Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, Fio Germi, Trevor Spacey, and Nadia Cassell


GDSS Philadelphia space station

Universe of Origin



Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Aid, Counter-terrorism, and Civilian aid

Formed From

United Nations and Regular Army

Global Defense Union is an Armed forces from Earth-123674 that known for having Metal Slug team for it's members


Throughout Morden Wars, War Against Venusians, Garbage Island Incident, and White Baby Crisis, Regular Army relies on the Metal Slug team when surviving those wars, and since Regular Army and the rest of the World survives just because of the action of the Metal Slug team, the Regular Army are rechristened into Global Defense Union by merging it with United Nation Forces by General James Solomon

Notable MembersEdit

  • Marco Rossi
  • Tarma Roving
  • Eri kasamoto
  • Fio Germi
  • Trevor Spacey
  • Nadia Cassell


Here's the Arsenals of the Global Defense Union(non-exhaustive list, will be expanded later):

  • Assault Rifles: H&K416 M4 Variant(Standard issue weapons for GDU Soldiers), FN SCAR(used by Squad Leaders), and XM8(reserved for Commandos though this Xm8 is 6.8mm variant of 5.56mm XM8 just as Barret REC-7 is to M4 Carbines)
  • Submachine Guns: H&K MP7, P90, MP5
  • Sniper Rifles: AWP
  • Sidearms: any small arms from M9 to Desert Eagle
  • Superweapons: Orbital Ion Cannon