The Omniverse is multiverse of (arguably) Everything, here's the verses that exists so far in the Omniverse:

  • Real life Multiverse complex: as seen on Real Life and it's mythologies(both Ancient and Modern ones)
  • DC Comics Multiverse: as seen in DC Comics media like Teen Titans Cartoon Series and even Nolan Batman movies
  • Marvel Comics Multiverse: as seen in Marvel Comics media like Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Digimon Multiverse: as seen in Digimon Franchise
  • Kingdom Hearts Multiverse: as seen in Kingdom hearts
  • Pokemon Multiverse: as seen in Pokemon Games, Anime, and Manga
  • Warhammer 40000 composite verse: as seen in Warhammer 40000
  • Super Mario Bros multiverse(with Mushroom Kingdom for it's hub): as seen in Super Mario bros series
  • Sonic the Hedgehog composite verse(aka Mobius): as seen in Sonic the Hedgehog series
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic universe(aka Equestria): as seen in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Happy Tree Friends universe(aka Happy Tree Land): as seen in Happy Tree Friends
  • Metal Slug universe(aka Earth-123674): as seen in Metal Slug
  • Spore's Galaxy: as seen in Spore
  • The Mummy Universe: as seen in The Mummy Trilogy and Scorpion King series
  • Chzo Mythos megaverse: as seen in Chzo Mythos and Trilby: Art of Theft
  • Ghostbusters Megaverse: as seen in Ghostbusters franchise
  • Seimaru Amagiverse: as seen in Kindaichi Case Files and Detective School Q
  • Heroes Universe: as seen in Heroes TV Series
  • Grand Theft Auto multiverse: as seen in Grand Theft Auto games
  • Power Rangers Multiverse: as seen in Power Rangers

many of verses including those that mentioned above are destroyed by Nanotech-implanted Heartless that Anunnaki spreads to built their Kingdom hearts though Spore's Galaxy aren't destroyed by that heartless, it's destroyed by something else instead for unexplained reasons